Alexandra and Robin Morton

Mammals of the Sea and Us

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In this episode of “POTENTIALS . . . Envisioning the New Millennium,” host Barbara Marx Hubbard engages in a lively conversation with leading researchers into communication between humans and killer whales. They explore the nature of these huge brained mammals of the sea, and their place within the larger planetary hierarchy as the “rulers of the sea.” Robin approaches his work as a cinematographer and behavioral observer. Alexandra approaches hers as an audio observer and behavioralist trained by the legendary dolphin researcher, John Lilly M.D. Also explored in this wide ranging episode are ocean ecology, inter-species communication, environmental consciousness and the potential for human families to work together as “pods.” This is a touching and inspiring episode.

MortonAlexandra and Robin were leading researchers into human-killer whale communication issues and proponents of ocean ecology. Alexandra and Robin worked together until 1986 when Robin was tragically drowned in an accident. Alex has written two books, “Siwiti: A Whale's Story”, and “In the Company of Whales.” She has appeared in documentaries for ABC television, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and is now continuing her killer whale research on the coast of British Columbia, and in doing so is trying to curtail the destruction of their environment by fish farming. Alexandra has a foundation: Raincoast Research. She is the mother of two children, aged 16 and 2.

Raincoast Research
Simoon Sound

British Columbia V0P 1S0 Canada

Web Site: www.raincoastresearch.org

Books in Print:
Siwiti : A Whale's Story by Alexandra Morton

“We must learn from the other species on earth how to cocreate a sustainable and regenerative environment.” Alexandra and Robin Morton


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