Toni and John Lilly, M.D.

Animal / Human, Human / Human,
Human / Spirit Communication

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In this episode of “POTENTIALS . . . Envisioning the New Millennium,” host Barbara Marx Hubbard covers a wide ranging field of ideas with this legendary couple. In this rare footage, John Lilly, the early leader in human - dolphin communication research explores isolation tanks, the nature and amusements of God, outer and inner realms of human consciousness and his relationship within a dyadic couple. Toni Lilly explores her work with the Human Dolphin Foundation, her work with children s interaction with dolphins, and her experience of the dyadic couple. This is a deeply thoughtful and provocative episode.

LillyDr. John Lilly was born on January 6, 1915, in St. Paul Minnesota. Lilly received his B.S. from California Institute of Technology and attended Dartmouth Medical School and received his M.D. from the University of Pennsylvania.

Dr. Lilly is noted for studies on the cerebral cortex, electrical studies of the brain, human isolation and confinement, methods of communication between man and other species, and the psychology of man. He discovered that the dolphin, if properly handled, will make definite attempts to imitate human conversational sounds.

Dr. Lilly has been one of the most original and fascinating scientists of our time. Lilly’s experiments have involved mind altering drugs, the direst use of electrodes in the brain, the effects of isolation and sensory deprivation in a water tank, in addition to his experiments with dolphins. These experiments were originally federally funded, but when their possible applications for unconventional war were seized upon, Dr. Lilly decided that further experiments would have to be done on his own. The original dolphin project was conducted between 1955 and 1968. In 1974 Dr. Lilly married Antoinette Ficarotta (she is featured with Dr. Lilly on the Potentials episode.) With Toni, Dr. Lilly resumed his dolphin research in 1976 with the founding of the non-profit Human Dolphin Foundation.

Although Toni passed away some years later, Dr. Lilly has continued his research with the Human Dolphin Foundation in Hawaii.

Mailing Address:
Human Dolphin Foundation
57 Lino Place
Pukalani HI 96768

Phone: 808-572-5808

Web Site:

Books in Print:
Mind of the Dolphin/Cassette/1692 by John Lilly, Toni Lilly

The Scientist : A Metaphysical Autobiography

The Center of the Cyclone : An Autobiography of Inner Space

Tanks for the Memories : Floatation Tank Talks


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