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    Ray Bradbury The Artist as Visionary

    Lt. Col. Jim Channon, ret. War and Peace: Alternatives to Armageddon

    Norman Cousins The Power of Belief

    Marilyn Ferguson Evolving Social Trends . We Can if We Think We Can

    Buckminster Fuller, Ph.D. The World Can Work for Everyone

    Willis Harman, Ph.D. Rekindling the American Dream

    W. Brugh Joy, M.D. Body, Mind, and Spirit. The Art of Healing

    Rev. James Lawson The Human Spirit. “We The People...”

    Timothy Leary, Ph.D. S.M.I.I.L.E.! Space Migration, Intelligence Increase, Life Extension. The Next Stage of Evolution

    Toni and John Lilly, M.D. Animal/Human, Human/Human, Human/Spirit Communication

    Alexandra and Robin Morton Mammals of the Sea and Us

    Jerry Pournelle, Ph.D. New Frontiers in Outer Space.

    Gene Roddenberry STAR TREK, Technology and the Future

    Senator John Vasconcellos Politics for Growing Humans

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